Cows in the Meadow, Eating Buttercups

The weather is cooling off up here in Vermont, and it is time to put the "gals" back in the barn. All summer long, the ladies have been grazing in the field. And while R assures me the decision to put the cows out in the pasture during the summer months is a purely functional one (as is the move in doors in winter) I can't help but comment on the aesthetic benefits of having them outside.

They just look so darn pretty out in the fields, munching on grass, under the blue skies and mountain views.  Cars passing by often slow down to see them, and I understand why. It's the quintessential Vermont view...wide-open emerald green meadows, flanked by golden-brown corn stalks, set in the foreground of Camel's Hump (purple mountain majesty!).

But alas, the weather is changing. The wind is blowing a bit colder these days. The nights are growing longer, and considerably more chilly. Like all summer vacations, the cows' stay in the pasture must come to an end.

Truth be told, they will be much more comfortable to spend the rest of the fall and winter in the barn. Although I think they enjoyed their summer, they seem very happy to be headed back to the dry, cozy in-doors.  But selfishly, I wish they could stay outside longer!

Anonymous –  (June 21, 2011 at 1:32 PM)  

Perhaps you can clear this up: I thought that buttercups are toxic to cows if that if their primary forage?

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