A Formal Goodbye to my Garden of 2010

As we get older, the passage of summer into fall becomes more subtle. Without a new Trapperkeeper or homeroom assignment to mark the changing seasons, the transitions are a bit more blurred. With autumn upon us, I am looking forward to cooler days and the changing foliage. But I am already beginning to dread the first frost, and the havoc it will inevitably bestow on my garden.

For quite some time, I've had a Little House on the Prairie-esque ambition to cook meals using ingredients picked right in my back yard, and this summer I finally made it happen. This year's garden was a phenom. I had a lot of advantages, for sure. Full-day sunshine, a handsome and strapping sidekick, industrial grade farm equipment, and plenty of organic material (i.e. well-aged cow manure) really do give a gal a leg-up in the gardening game. We ate out of the garden all summer, and thanks to a few long afternoons spent standing over a simmering stove top, there will be plenty of tomato soup, squash soup, and home-made pasta sauce to enjoy through out the winter. As the days grow shorter, I know my opportunities to run out back and grab a handful of fresh herbs to flavor supper are nearing an end.  Beginning with the late-spring "groundbreaking," right up til the full-bloom of August, below is a small photographic tribute to my 2010 garden. Each day it looks a bit more haggard, but here are some photos of the plot in all it's blazing glory. Only 8 months to go until we start again for 2011. I'll have to console myself with dog-eared seed catalogs until then.

Hunky sidekick readies the bed (sounds suggestive, but totally innocent!)

I used every windowsill I had to start seeds inside 

Gotta start with straight rows!

Watering the thirsty babies!

Lookin' good!

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