Montreal...oooh la la!

I love Vermont, but some days I miss NJ and all its charm (yes, NJ is charming!! Ignore what you see on TV!). I miss the big things, like the access to NYC culture, and the racial/ethnic diversity, and my friends, and the job opportunities. But maybe even more than that, I miss the little things like name-brand-fashion-at-rock-bottom-prices, and cruising through the city in a taxi cab, and being able to give my mom a hug whenever I feel like it.

So "discovering" Montreal was a real thrill. Because they have an H&M, and loads of awesome eateries, and PEOPLE WHO SPEAK FRENCH!

R and I took a weekend trip up there recently and I was so excited to learn I live so close to a city that feels so chic and opposite of Burlington. There's so much to do and discover! WHAT A RELIEF!

I'm including a photo of us at the Chinese Lantern festival in the city's Botanical Gardens. It was magical. I can't wait to get back there in the springtime when the tulips are in bloom.

I am SO glad to have Montreal as a nearby "escape" from our (admittedly lovely) rural lifestyle.

Now if I could just get my mom up here more often!!!

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