Shenpa (Getting Unstuck)

Stuck...but not for long
I was born with ants in my pants.  My two speeds are "on" and "off," which basically means if I am not racing around from place to place (or thought to thought), I am asleep.  Meditation appeals to me in theory, but in practice... let's just say it is not my strong suit. Which is why it is perhaps unlikely that I should be so attracted to the teachings of a Buddhist nun.

Nonetheless, Pema Chodron has seen me through some of my darkest days.  So many mornings, when I could barely find the strength to get out of bed, I'd play her audio books as I sat in traffic.

Her wisdom, and sometimes just the sound of her voice, helped me make it through the drive...the drama...the day. Pema talks a lot about "Shenpa," our tendency to get caught or "hooked" in repetitive, negative thought patterns.  Her series "Getting Unstuck" helped me better understand my inclination to fall into these ruts and take steps to change. I'd highly recommend it to anyone facing down difficult, emotional times.

This funny photo of a too-eager calf with a feed pail on her head reminded me that getting and staying "unstuck" is an on-going process. After licking the bottom of the bucket, she was able to easily shake the container from her head, but not before R snapped this cute shot with his cell phone camera.

In the spirit of staying "unstuck," here's Pema with some inspiration about changing the way we frame our thoughts....

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