Undisguised Attempt to Lure my NY/NJ Friends Northward

Dear friends,
It's been a while. And I realize I was the one who moved away, and that life is more demanding than ever, and many of you have kiddos now, and busy careers, and never enough time to do it all.

But I miss you.

You should come to Vermont.

Wouldn't it be nice to get away?

JetBlue can fly you here from JFK for about $150, and from EWR, Continental's rate is usually around $250. Prefer to drive? We're only 6 hours from NJ and NYC.

If you come visit me, I will fill your belly with homemade potpie and you will drink much too much wine. If it's winter, we will go sledding, and take a sauna (R built one in our back yard!), and sit by the fire and chat late into the evening. If you like to ski, we are only 30 minutes from Stowe and Sugarbush. If it's summer, we will water ski on the lake, or float in tubes sipping icy sangria, and you are welcome to eat as much sweet corn and your stomach can hold (we plant more than five acres), as well as anything and everything you find in my vegetable garden. In fall the foliage is glorious, and in the spring time, the view of the mountains is spectacular.

Here are some photos of our two guest rooms. I promise you will be comfortable. We don't need any notice, just call us en route and let us know when to expect you. If my mother is visiting, she has first dibs on the room, but both are equally cozy. You really can't go wrong.

See you soon! (?)

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