The Importance of Maintenence

This may come as a bit of a shock (ha, ha) but glamour hasn't been one of my top prioities lately. Historically, I have always been a fan of the "natural look," mostly because it excused my lack of effort.  More recently, I've indulged in the "farm girl alibi," delighting in the opportunity to laze around in wooley sweaters and torn jeans. For a while, I really felt like the hassle-free approach was working for me. But not tonight.

Farm girl glamour at its finest!

Tonight, as I stood helpless before the mirror, attempting to "fancy myself up" for a holiday party we were set to attend in less than an hour, I panicked. Nothing was working. Suddenly, I remembered all-too-well the feeling of showing up for an exam without the benefit of studying, or even attending class, all semester. It was now too late.

As I struggled to fit into too-tight clothes and smudge various cosmetic products on my eyes, cheeks, and lips, I was reminded of the value of maintenance.

Yes, maintenance...timely, regular upkeep. I struggle with maintenance of all sorts. Oil changes, flossing, regularly scheduled eye exams...these are not my strengths. I guess I ought to add exercise and a proper beauty routine to the list of items I've been neglecting.

The Lean Cuisines and Pilates classes that defined the after-work evenings of my singledom have been replaced with buttery pot-pies and cozy evenings in front of the woodstove with R, watching Jeopardy. My heart and soul are thriving, but my ass and thighs need serious work.

Fortunately, New Years is right around the corner. What better time to start anew! Which means I have one week left until I have to clean up my act.

Until then, bring on the pot-pie!

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