Winter Wonderland

There's something wonderful about the first few days after Christmas. The tree is still up, there's tons of leftovers, but all the shopping, baking, and hassles are over. From what I hear about grandparenting, it's much the same -- all the fun, without the heavy lifting.

Today it was a blustery 3 degrees, so cold, my dog refused to go outside. I tried to tell him it's a long time until spring...too long to hold it, but he just looks confused.

The wind is cold, but the scenery is just perfect. Vermont is the epitome of a winter wonderland. In honor of all that is cozy and picturesque this time of year in the Green Mountain State, I put together a little collage. Hope you enjoy it!
Clockwise from top left: Highland Cattle in Fletcher, our lovely little Christmas tree, my Christmas eve place settings, Baby Ranch in her cozy calf coat, my little elf -- procured at a Copenhagen flea market, blustery branches, sleigh horses in Stowe.

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