A Funky Chicken Coop of One's Own

At the beginning of the week, the temperature dipped down to -28 here in chilly VT. Weather like that can get you thinking crazy thoughts, such as "is it possible for your eyeballs to freeze inside your skull?" (I Googled it -- appears this is not possible...emphasis on appears.)

In an effort to stay warm, I checked some important tasks off my "getting-ready for spring" to-do list this week. Most importantly, I ordered my bees. In early May, I will pick up two hives worth of bees -- a total of six pounds or about 20,000 bees. I debated about the expense and time commitment all winter long, but ultimately decided to go for it. No sense living this country life and not trying out all it has to offer.

The next task on my to-do list is to start planning for chickens. So I've been researching coop designs all week, and I've found many that are utterly adorable -- truly funky chicken coops. I'll probably end up building something a bit more austere, to match the barns. But that hasn't stopped me from enjoying all the coop eye-candy on this chilly day. These coops put the CHIC in chicken. Hope these fun photos warm you up, wherever you are...

1. A woodland cottage for chickens, via kaseycorner.typepad.com 2. If chickens had a house in the Hamptons, by HeatherBullard.com, 3. Might be hard to keep the neighbor kids from playing house in this cutie via beachbrights.blogspot.com 4. Hansel and Gretel hen could live in this coop via gardenfowl.com 5. "It's Not a Tudor" from houseforhens.co.uk 6. Succulents on the roof remind me of Rome via digginfood.com 7. Because some chickens are outlaws via backyarchickens.com

Meg Blocker (January 28, 2011 at 1:28 PM)  

Hell, I'D live in the first one!

Emily (The Culinary Couple) (February 8, 2011 at 11:56 AM)  

My husband has always wanted a chicken coop! And these are all so chic. Perhaps some day ...

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