Pura Vida means The Pure Life

We just got back from ten sun-filled days in Tamarindo, Costa Rica -- where the local motto "Pura Vida" pretty much sums it all up. It was a much needed break from a harsh Vermont winter. Taking a vacation isn't so simple for farmers -- you can't just tag your email with an out-of-office message and hope for the best. If you think finding a dog sitter is hard, try finding someone to babysit (and milk) 400 cows! Everyone had to pitch in double and pick up extra shifts to cover for R while we were gone. And we were very grateful!

We ate at a lot of great restaurants, but the culinary highlight of our trip was cooking up our catch from a fishing trip we took on a charter boat.  The grouper were really biting that day, and later that evening it was our turn. We sauteed the fillets with lemon juice, onions, olive oil, and garlic...and it was absolutely divine. Fish doesn't get much fresher than that!

Simple sauteed grouper
-Brown onions and garlic in olive oil
-Add fillets, turn to cook both sides
-Add lemon juice as 1 tsp zest 2 mins before removing fillets from pan
-Serve with whatever sides you can find at the Bodega! We had cucumbers, rice, and beans

If you are considering a vacation to Costa Rica, we highly recommend Tamarindo and there's no cozier, more charming place to stay than Sueno Del Mar.

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