Not quite HGTV, but it'll do!

I spend a LOT of time in my garden. There's something so cathartic about yanking out weeds, straightening the rows, and of course, picking fresh flowers, herbs, and veggies.

Several out-of-town friends and relatives had asked for a peak at what's been growing, so I made this short video a few weeks ago, which I now share with the entire universe (or the 20 or so folks who read my blog, take your pick! thanks for reading, by the way!).  The garden is a lot more lush now, two weeks into August, but here's a look at what was happening in July. I shot this with my iPhone, so bare with me!

Yes, there are weeds. Yes, some of the veggies (ahem...carrots!) are a bit scrawny. But overall, it's a darn good garden. And most importantly, spending time there makes me very happy.

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