Ladies on the move

These gals come when I call them. Pretty nice, right? I just have to convince the cow at the front of the pack to follow me, and the rest are right behind. That's how herd animals work (and high schoolers, too, if I recall.)


Summertime is vacation time for dry (non-lactating...funny term, right?) cows. They spend their days in the pasture, staring blankly at the tourists who pull over on the side of the road to snap their photos. Soon, the weather will get cold and we'll bring them back to the warm barn for the winter. People always comment on how lovely they look outside, but in truth, they are very happy to be in-doors. Still, there's no denying their stark black and white spots look postcard pretty against the deep green pasture backdrop. I will miss watching them through the window as I type at my desk.

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