The Farm

"We’re always chasing after something, trying to avoid the difficult places. But there are a lot of small sweetnesses that we ignore because they’re so fleeting." -Pema Chodron

Don't ask me how I made a handsome, strapping, sixth generation dairy farmer fall in love with me. I have to chalk it up to luck. In any case, he did. And that's how I came to live on this beautiful farm, just outside of Burlington, Vermont.

The farm consists of over 1000 acres and 800+ cows, of which 400 need to be milked on a daily basis. It's tough work for R, his father, and their employees. My dear man rises at 4:30am each morning to start his day and goes hard until suppertime. And while I don't technically work on the farm, I do help out when I can. Mostly by making sure the younger farmer is fed and cared for.

In addition to the dairy, the farm produces sweet corn in the summer and pumpkins, squash, and Indian corn in the fall. R's mom runs these operations, and we all help out running the stand. Hands-down, we sell the best sweet corn in the Northeast.

It's a good, simple life. There's never a shortage of hard work (or manure!), but it's always rewarding. I am so lucky to live in this beautiful place with the man I love.

Posing in the pumpkin patch with Camel's Hump in the background. Photo by our dear friend,  Shem Roose .